Isnin, 23 Jun 2008

Pil Kuda - Kuala Lumpur (Brickfields) JUN

KUALA LUMPUR: Police busted one of the biggest international drug syndicates operating from here when they arrested nine foreigners and seized more than 60kg of ketamine.

The success came when a team from the Federal Narcotics Crime Investigation Department (NCID) picked up two Indian nationals from a hotel in Brickfields following a tip-off on Saturday evening.

The team recovered several kilograms of ketamine from the suspects who then led the NCID officers to another location where the other suspects were picked up and the remaining drugs were recovered.

It is also learnt that the supplier for the ketamine was also among the nine arrested. The suspects aged between 20 and 40 have been remanded for further investigations. Police are on the lookout for more suspects involved in the syndicate. - Source

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