Rabu, 11 Jun 2008

Suicide - Pulau Pinang (Georgetown) JUN

GEORGE TOWN: The magistrate's court yesterday granted the prosecution's application for a drug possession charge against a man to be withdrawn following his death.

Ong Chee Leong, 28, was charged with possessing 0.79g of cannabis on July 17 last year. He pleaded not guilty.

However, the charge against co-accused Teh Hooi Wen, 28, believed to be his girlfriend, stays.

Magistrate Ainul Bashiirah Dona Don Biyajid fixed Nov 5 for hearing after the prosecution requested a new date.

Ong was also charged with murdering 3-year-old Shearwel Ooi Ying Ying.
That charge was withdrawn on March 6 after he committed suicide in a clinic prison cell on Feb 18. - Source

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