Selasa, 1 Julai 2008

Lari - Melaka (Tampin) JUN

ALOR GAJAH: Police have mounted a manhunt to track down a group of inmates who escaped from the Serenti rehabilitation centre on Saturday evening.

OCPD Supt Umar Ali Shaifuddin Shaharuddin said 11 inmates, aged between 26 and 44, were seen scaling the centre’s four-metre fence to make the escape at 5pm.

“We managed to catch one near the Tampin railway station,” he said yesterday.

The 11 inmates were sent to the rehabilitation centre in Tampin, Pulau Sebang, Malacca, two weeks ago.

“We believe the others have gone their separate ways and villagers living in the surrounding areas have to be cautious,” he added.

Supt Umar Ali said the police, Rela and wardens were involved in the manhunt. The public is advised to alert the police if they spot any of the escapees.

They can call the action centre of Alor Gajah District Police Headquarters at 06-556 4153 or the nearest police station.

Meanwhile, police called family members of Jalaluddin Siron @ Jamaluddin Harun, to claim his body at Hospital Tampin.

Supt Umar Ali said the 48-year-old inmate from Klang, Selangor, died on June 25 at 6pm. Police have classified it as sudden death.

Claimants are advised to contact the Pulau Sebang police station or officer-in-charge at 06-441 1691 or 013-618 5827. - Source

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